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Protection of Cultural Property in Times of Armed Conflict

You will find online resources in five sections:

Selected web sites of organizations promoting cultural property protection

All national, regional and intercontinental meetings (2000 - 2005)

All international  laws and conventions
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Some  reports on the history of cultural property protection and on recent conflicts

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Why a new Web Site?

Many institutions offer online resources on cultural property protection, but it is not so easy to find them:
  • Red Cross and UNESCO  provide splendid online information - but  these web sites cover a very wide range of topics; therefore it needs some time to find all information on cultural property protection.
  • The International Committee of the Blue Shield and the National Committees offer rather short online information.
  • The Swiss, Austrian and Italian Societies for the Protection of Cultural Property present very good web sites - but only the Swiss offers an English version.
  • The International League of National Societies for the Protection of Cultural Property plans to open its web site in 2006.
  • The ICOM Disaster Relief for Museums web site - originally created for tsunami and other natural disasters - is going to cover man made disasters, too. 
  • The Mailing lists of Cultural Property Protection (CPProt) and Museum Security Network (MSN)  do not concentrate on war related issues.
  • Web sites of Patrimoine Sans Frontières, Kulturarv utan gränser, SAFE or Heritage Watch have a regional focus.
Therefore I though it might be useful to create a new web site concentrating  on Online Resources for the Protection of Cultural Property before, during and after War.
I have chosen the domain "" (=, because "Pro" and "Cult" are the main syllables in the definition of our subject
- in English as well as in most romance languages .


Members only

The internal ProCult pages and the ProCult newsletters are accessible
only to
  • professionals, especially those participating in special conferences on cultural property protection
  • active members of the Societies for the Protection of Cultural Property
  • officials of related organizations like UNESCO, Red Cross, Blue Shield



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