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Amsterdam Charter - 1975
European Charter of the Architectural Heritage
Charte européenne du patrimoine architectural
Carta Europea Del Patrimonio Architettonico

Amsterdam Declaration - 1975
(Congress on the European Architectural Heritage)
Amsterdam Declaration
Déclaration d'Amsterdam
Dichiarazione di Amsterdam

Charter of Courmayeur - 1992
(The International Workshop on the Protection of Artistic and Cultural Patrimony, Courmayeur (Italy), 25 - 27 June 1992)

Charter of Courmayeur 1992

Cracow - 1996
(NATO-Partnership for Peace (PfP) Conference on Cultural Heritage Protection in Wartime and in State of Emergency, 18-21 June 1996)
Final Communiqué

Recommendation - 1996
(Council of Europe: No 96/6)
Recommendation on the protection of the cultural heritage against unlawful acts
Recommendation relative à la protection du patrimoine culturel contre les actes illicites

Radenci Declaration - 1998
(Radenci (Slovenia), 16 November 1998)

The Radenci Declaration on the Protection of Cultural Heritage in Emergencies and Exceptional Situations

Geneva  - 2000
(ICRC Conference
Working Group Reports)
  • Working Group I: Competencies and responsibilities, p.125 -127
  • Working Group II: Legal Protection of Cultural Property, p. 129 - 132
  • Working Group III: Dissemination and Awareness, p. 133 - 136
Paris - 2001

Bregenz - 2001
Summary and outlook

Appeal of Conakry - 2003
(WAMP Conference: Armed conflicts, peace culture and protection of cultural heritage in West Africa
Conakry (Guinea), 19-21 May 2003)

Hyderabad - 2003
(International Symposium: Cultural Heritage Disaster Preparedness and Response
, Hyderabad (India), 23-27 November 2003)
  • Working Group 1: Community Responsibility and Involvement in Emergency Preparedness and Response
  • Working Group 2: Preserving the environment and local traditions in emergency preparedness and response
  • Working Group 3: Networking : co-ordination and collaboration among diverse institutions and organizations in emergency preparedness and response
Torino Declaration  - 2004
(1st Blue Shield International Meeting, Torino (Italy), 23-24 July)

Ambras - 2004

Kulturgüterschutz-Tagung der Österreichischen Gesellschaft für Kulturgüterschutz auf Schloss Ambras in Tirol, 5. – 7. October 2004)

Paris - 2004
Motion of the Participants of the First Cultural Forum For Iraq

Calabria - 2004
Carta del Turismo per i Beni Culturali

Warsaw - 2004

Pnom Penh - 2004
(Regional Expert Meeting on "The Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict", Phnom Penh (Cambodia), 6-8 December 2004)
Final Conclusions

Fribourg Appeal - 2004
(SGKGS-symposium in Fribourg (Switzerland), 14 May 2004)
Public Appeal of the Swiss Society for CPP

Amman - 2005
  • Workgroup 1: Military intervention in cultural heritage measures for protection in war operations areas
  • Workgroup 2: Selection and dispatch of Cultural Heritage experts to areas of conflict - Criteria and practice
  • Workgroup 3: Cultural Heritage conservation and protection before, during and after conflicts. Logistics and measures to secure the Cultural Heritage
Buenos Aires - 2005
(Seminar: La protección de bienes culturales en caso de conflicto armado: un desafío y una oportunidad para América Latina y el Caribe
, Buenos Aires (Argentine), 4 March 2005)

Assisi - 2005
Risoluzione finale

Vienna - 2005
(NATO/PfP Conference: The Protection of Cultural Property and (Military) Leadership, Vienna (Austria), 9-11 November)
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